Mogherini: Prespa Agreement an inspiration to settle other open disputes in the region

The Prespa Agreement is an inspiration to settle other outstanding disputes in the region, said Federica Mogherini, who while serving as EU’s high representative for foreign policy was actively engaged before the treaty was signed.


Mogherini is convinced that the Prespa Agreement remains a real solution and example not only for her, but also for all her EU colleagues and the Euro-Atlantic community.

The agreement showed that no problem is unsolvable, every issue, dispute has a solution, it requires leadership, courage, determination and respect, which is needed in these times to look forward and invest more for the way you can provide a sustainable path for your people. Agreements are always difficult, but possible, and Prespa is a great example from the region that the Balkans can deliver results and with the support of the EU and the international community, impossible things can happen, Mogherini said.

She stressed that the place of the Western Balkans is in the EU and that it is not a process of enlargement, but above all a process of unification of Europe.

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